Giles Babcock, commonly known simply as "Babcock" and later as "One," was a death row inmate who became a viral. Babcock was the first viral created as part of Project Noah, one of the Twelve. He was talkative both as a human and a viral, earning him the nickname "The Talker" at the Chalet.[1]

Babcock was originally from Desert Wells, Nevada, near Las Vegas.[2] He was serving a life sentence in Nevada when he was recruited by Brad Wolgast and Phil Doyle,[3] for one count of capital murder.[4] Like all of the original viral, he was freed by one of the sweeps. His familiar was Jude, who became the power behind the leadership at the Haven.

Babcock was killed by Sister Lacey at the Chalet, about ninety-three years after the Twelve initially escaped, using the facility's nuclear self-destruct.[5]

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