Chloe Grace Moretz as Sara Fisher

Michael Fisher's sister, and a nurse. She is in love with Peter Jaxon, but it is an unrequited love.

The PassageEdit

She tends to Amy when she is first brought to the colony and later joins the Apostles. When they are in Las Vegas she is taken by the virals, but is rescued shortly after and is taken to the Haven. She then rejoins the journey to the Colorado compound with the rest of the Apostles, but after killing Babcock ends up heading to Roswell. At the end of the The Passage, it is revealed that Sara is pregnant with Hollis's child. Her fate is unknown, but her journal is found at the site of the 'Roswell Massacre'.

The TwelveEdit

Sara is a major character in The Twelve. She has been kidnapped and taken to The Homeland in Iowa, where she she gives birth prematurely and is told that her daughter has been lost. She works in concentration camp conditions for several years until her death is faked by a resistance organization. Renamed Dani, she infiltrates the city leadership as a personal assistant/nanny and discovers that her daughter, Kate, is still alive. At the end of the book, she, Hollis and her daughter are reunited.

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